Civil Infrastructure Researches

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Civ. Infrastruct. Res.


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Acceptance Rate: 31%

Review Speed: 120 days


Start Publication: 2014

Issue Per Year: 2

No. of Volumes: 9

No. of Issues: 16

No. of Articles: 164

No. of Indexing Databases: 21

No. of Reviewers: 309

No. of Contributors: 376


Article View: 118,918

PDF Download: 58,484

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The journal of Civil Infrastructure Researches (CIR) is an open-access peer-reviewed academic journal that is published semiannually by the 
University of Qom, Iran.
About the Journal:
Title: Civil Infrastructure Researches
Persian title: Pizhūhish/hā-yi zīrsākht/hā-yi ̒umrānī.
Subject: Dewey: 624
Subject: Civil and structural engineering in general
Subject: Safeguarding the mental and material necessities of life
Corporate contributor: University of Qom
Publisher: University of Qom
Start year: 2014 -
Frequency: Semiannual
Type of resource: Periodical
Language: Persian (including English abstracts and bibliographies)
Country: Iran, Qom
Medium: Online


Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (In Progress) - Serial Number 16, September 2023 

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