Aims and Scope


  • Developing the growth of scientific research among Iranian engineers and scientists
  • Playing a liaison role to make the fruits of this research available in national and international civil engineering communities
  • Focus on research areas related to civil infrastructure
  • Publishing high-quality research from academic communities with high citation rates and influence in achieving practical cases in the industry.

The journal of Civil Infrastructure Researches (CIR) is a scientific journal that publishes scientific articles in the field of civil engineering. Respected researchers and scholars can submit the results of their scientific and valuable research in the field of civil infrastructure to the journal for review and publication online.


Civil infrastructure includes dams, bridges, transportation systems, geotechnical structures, underground structures, pipelines, water distribution systems, buildings, offshore structures, power plants, airports, and offshore platforms.

 The most important research topics of The journal of Civil Infrastructure Researches (CIR) are as follows:

  • Smart systems of civil infrastructure
  • Reliability and risk management
  • Design and construction
  • Failure analysis
  • Information technologies in civil infrastructure
  • Field tests
  • Optimization
  • Automation and robotics in civil infrastructure
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Computational and experimental methods
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Sustainable development systems of civil infrastructure
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Rehabilitation, repair, and maintenance strategies
  • Non-destructive tests.